About AG

Established in 1986.  We are one of Indian oldest Pest and Fumigation Company and having a Pan India presence. This is the mother concern of Safe Pest Control. We are feeling extremely happy to introduce about our Companies Pest Control in AG Group as the leading company in AG Group (AG Enterprise, AG Corporate, AG Realstate, Safe Pest Control).  We provide Pest Control Service entire Bengal Eastern Region.  We do our utmost to ensure that nothing stands in our way of completing a job.  In many a case, our flexibility enables us to succeed where others have failed.

 We maintain a great sense of Loyalty, Accountability and Duty towards all our customers big and small.

 A.G. Group for its clients carries out Fumigation and Supervision in many countries over the world.  AG Group has been requested to be an expert advisor on Fumigation and Pest Control matter on delegations abroad by Government companies.  AG Group has entomologists, trained and certified personal on staff to understand your critical environment & to provide for your special needs.  AG Group carried out the specialized services to satisfy the unique Pest Management and Fumigation needs of


  •  Residential Premises for Complex and individual residence.
  •  Warehouse & Factory (Paper, Tea and Rice).
  •  Food / Agri Processing facilities
  •  Mills (Wheat and Rice)
  •  Beverage Processing
  •  Style Corporate
  •  Pharmaceuticals & Research Institution
  •  Hospital / Diagnostic Center & Nursing Home
  •  Hotel / Restaurant / Bar & Banquet
  •  Airport & Flight Kitchen
  •  Corporate / Industrial & Private Office premises.
  •  Ships / Containers & Rigs
  •  Bagged / Break Bulk Cargo